Behind the Podium


Behind the Podium is a podcast series produced by GTS Educational Events that lets you hear what speakers are saying before or after the podium mic is turned on. Find out what makes these speakers tick, and discover new insights about topics that matter to you on each episode of Behind the Podium.

Episode 6: Human Understanding & Engagement

With Irina Fursman, HueLife

Episode 5: A Journey to Deliver World Class Technology and Service

With Shawn Riley, CIO of North Dakota

Episode 4: Threat Gamification Engineer

With Hayley Cohen, IBM Security Command

Episode 3: Data Security

With Ryan Cloutier, Sourcewell Technology

Episode 2: Social Justice in Education

With Ayaan Natala, Science Museum of MN

Episode 1: The World’s Most Connected Human

With Chris Dancy, Mindful Cyborg