Our mission is to foster cooperation among Ramsey County units of government thereby increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of public service delivery.

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Upcoming Events

The June Meeting is Virtual!

Friday, June 12th from 7:30-9am — Email RCLLG@mngts.org to RSVP!

Monthly program events are open to all elected and appointed officials and administrative/staff leadership of RCLLG organizations. Registration is not required and there is no cost to attend.

2020 Monthly Meeting Kickoff

The first 2020 Monthly Meeting included a fruitful discussion of the year’s legislative priorities for Ramsey County.

2019 Annual Meeting

Jan Jensen, St. Anthony City Council member and RCLLG Board member, was elected to serve as RCLLG President for the 2020 year. Lisa Laliberte was re-elected to serve as Vice President and Marre Jo Sager was re-elected to serve as Treasurer. Sue Denkinger will remain on the Executive Committee as Past President in 2020. The 2020 Strategic Plan was also presented at the meeting and can be viewed here. Finally, Candy Petersen received a special award for her service and leadership as the 2018 RCLLG President. The award was presented by 2019 President Sue Denkinger.

Be a force in shaping RCLLG toward the best it can be!

We’re looking for additional RCLLG members to participate in subcommittees working on (1) Member Engagement and Communication, (2) Programs and Events, and (3) Collective Work. Contact Sue if you have ideas or experience that you can offer to one of these RCLLG groups!

Cross Subsidy in Ramsey County

Cross subsidy has been a topic of great interest the last few years and the 2019 MN state budget provided some greatly needed funding in this area.  To learn more about Cross Subsidy funding and why it’s lately been in the news, look to a new article on our website.  Thanks to Marre Jo Sager for providing this piece which provides both history and a brief summary of Cross Subsidy and the challenges to fund it.  The article is located under our Resources tab on the RCLLG website.

May Virtual Roundtable Discussion

Last Friday we held our first virtual roundtable discussion. Over 20 participants from Ramsey County local governments and school districts attended, as well as participants representing Metro Cities, the MET Council, and Ramsey County. Each community and agency was given the chance to speak on their biggest challenges related to the Pandemic and how they are effectively meeting these challenges. It was an important opportunity to learn from each other and begin to think about how our communities can work together to tackle our common issues.



Member Organizations:  Any unit of local government or other governmental subdivisions as hereinabove described in Ramsey County shall be entitled to membership in RCLLG. To remain in good standing as a member and have an appointed seat on the Board of Directors, payment of membership dues is required within three months of the start of the fiscal year.

Members-at-Large:  Any staff person and elected/appointed official from a member organization. Members-at-Large are welcome and encouraged to attend any RCLLG program or event, and participate on a committee or workgroup. Members-at-Large are also welcome to attend RCLLG Board Business Meetings as a non-voting member.

Associate Members:  Any civic organization within Ramsey County, and any present or former elected or appointed government official from within Ramsey County, may be extended the privilege of Associate membership in RCLLG upon payment of dues. Associate members may attend all programs, events and meetings, but shall have no voting rights.

Board of Directors:  Each Member Organization of RCLLG shall appoint in January of each year one elected official and/or one administrator to serve as a Board Member and an Alternate on the Board of Directors for one- year terms. Each Member Organization shall be allowed one vote on all RCLLG matters, to be cast by the Board Member, the Alternate or an appointed proxy. The Board of Directors shall have the following duties:

  • Control and manage the property and assets of RCLLG;
  • Authorize RCLLG expenditures;
  • Direct activities of RCLLG for the general benefit of Member Organizations;
  • Supervise the activities of an administrator/fiscal agent and
  • Inform their organization of the actions of the Board
  • Such other duties as are necessary to the operation of

Meetings of the Board shall be held at least quarterly during the year. The regular meetings of the RCLLG Board of Directors shall consider issues of importance and relevance to the Member Organizations, as well as any other RCLLG business.

Executive Committee: The Executive Committee is made up of the current elected officers of the Board of Directors. The Officers shall consist of a President, a Vice President and a Treasurer who shall be elected at the Annual Meeting by a majority vote. Officers shall have served on the Board at least one year and be a current member of the Board.

For more details on membership and roles, please refer to the organization’s Bylaws.

2020 Executive Committee

Jan Jenson

Jan Jenson


City of St. Anthony


Lisa Laliberte

Lisa Laliberte

Vice President

City of Roseville


MarreJo Sager

MarreJo Sager


Mounds View School District

Sue Denkinger

Sue Denkinger

Past President

City of Shoreview




GTS Educational Events, a St. Paul-based nonprofit organization with a 40+ year history of providing services for government agencies and intra-governmental initiatives, provides the following administrative services for RCLLG:

  • Strategic planning and organizational development consultation
  • Fiscal management Meeting, program and event coordination
  • Marketing and communications support
  • Membership and event registration

Established in 1976, GTS Educational Events (GTS) is an independent nonprofit organization that designs, convenes and manages educational programs, and provides coordination and administrative services for public and civic sector organizations. Our goal is to help individuals and organizations build knowledge, drive innovation and improve outcomes. We value and are committed to innovative leadership, enduring excellence, thoughtful collaboration, boundless growth and relentless resourcefulness.